08 August 2011

P2 Call me!, with nail-foil

Hey guys! It's me Loqi again. This monday I am showing you something very shiny: one of the new Essence Nail-foils.

Essence came out with these foils in their 'Nails in style' line. There are 3 colours; pink, purple and silver and I regret only picking up the purple one. The foil-sets come in a little box with instructions on the side, a small tube of foil (about 25cm, which I find a bit disappointing) and a bottle of milky looking glue. Using the sets is really easy. You paint your nails in the colour you like (preferably a colour close to the foil so that any bald spots won't be so obvious) and after the polish has dried you apply a thin layer of glue. Now you have to wait till the milky glue turns transparent (the box says to wait 3 to 5 minutes, but I found it dried much quicker). When it does, you smooth on a piece of the foil, press it firmly, and pull it off again. If all went well the foil is now stuck to your nail. If you have any bald spots you can just apply some new glue and repeat the process. Afterwards top it off with topcoat, and you are done!

For this manicure I used the purple foil over a nice deep purple from the German brand P2. Sadly P2 (like Essence and Catrice) recycle their polish names so I am not sure if 'Call me!' has multiple versions.

Enough blabbing, here are the pictures. I hope you like them and see you next week!


  1. I just love dark nail polish. This looks really lovely.

  2. Oh that looks totally awesome, hope the foils will be in stores here soon as well! Even more things to do with my nails then :P

  3. Thanks ladies!  I love using accent nails, they just give a manicure something extra and are a great way to try out new techniques and products

  4. So pretty! I bought this foil but still didn't have change to try it. But I can't wait!

  5. Oh no, this looks simply wonderful, now I regret not getting the foils. :( Gorgeous accent, I also love how you left this as an accent, not a full mani. :)

  6. Love the foil accent! Looks great :)


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