03 September 2011

4 new Catrice colors

1st row: After Eight - I'm A Star...
2nd row: Khaki Perry - Marilyn & Me

Hi everyone! Todat I got 4 of the new Catrice polishes for you. I grabbed those that appealed most to me, as Catrice is double the price an Essence Colour & Go polish is, I was a bit more picky :). I am also not sure how much new polishes there are by Catrice. They did put out some colors that are trendy right now and I like the different finishes they offer.

Let's take a look and please let me know what you think about them!

I'm A Star... This polish is a golden olive color that became opaque in 2 coats. It does look a bit brushstrokey at first but that all settels when drying up. I like how sparkly this one is.

Removing wasn't bad, sometimes these polishes have so much shimmer in them you have shimmer all over your fingers.. not with this one :).

After Eight. A dark, blackened, teal shimmer. I absolutely LOVE this one, it is soooo gorgeous in person! I love how dark it is, it reminds me of the new Essence color In Style but it is darker and dirtier.

2 coats were needed and it just applied itself. Very great quality, I'll be using this more than once!

Khaki Perry. Now this is something else.. A very very unique polish! It's a frosty (I know! But it's pretty on this one) khaki ish silverish greenish metallic ish polish. Lots of ish and really I do not know how to describe this one. In the sun there are gold and black specks visible.

A totally weird color (with a stupid name) but unique, just as Katy Perry is. 2 coats were enough to brush this one on.

Marilyn & Me. I am so disappointed with this one. If they would have just left those sparse red glitter out it would have been a nice polish, but now it's pretty jelly red with some chickenpox. It's hard to see in the picture below how ugly the glitter is because the camera kept focusing on the shimmer, but it's ugly.

I needed 3 coats, and it's pretty thin so make sure you do not pool your cuticles.


  1. Thank you! And yes, Marilyn & Me was a total disappointment, if the glitter was left out OR added in more quantity, it would have been better.

  2. Haha well it does look like that! And I wouldn't mind the 3 coats if it ended up pretty ;).

  3. It is really sparkly, and shiny!

  4. I love first two polishes (maybe I have a similar olive shimmer but this really looks sparkly)!

  5. i love the way you describe the red as having chicken pox! :P
    shame though because it looks like a lovely colour. three coats is a big no-no for me

  6. Ah, I need After Eight and I'm a star. Great swatches! And finally I found another person who doesn't like Marilyn and me! I'm really disappointed, I expected a lot from it, but it does nothing for me. 

  7. I fell in love with After Eight but common sense told me I had two similar colours already. My sister got it, though and as stunninga as it looks stunning in the bottle, on the nails it was so-so.

  8. Sometimes common sense is so nice for your wallet <3.


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