14 September 2011

The Bloglight - Nihrida

Hello! How have you been? I am fine, my neck luckily doesn't hurt that bad anymore. Also I have been busy with my stash.. I am switching from nailwheels to pop sticks, so now everything needs to be reswatched! Pretty time consuming considering I have over 200 polishes to go through..

I must admit I didn't have any true inspiration for a version of The Bloglight this week, until I just opened my Google Reader and saw this. Isn't that stunning? So, may I introduce to you...

Nihrida! A gorgeous girl with gorgeous nails (shorties <3), gorgeous pictures and a talent for composing color dots. These color dots images always look so professional to me! Be sure to check here out and start following if you didn't already, she really is worth it!

And just for reference, my new swatching system. I'll probably sort out on color when everything is done. For now I am swatching by drawer which are sorted by brand. OPI is done, China Glaze is just started.


  1. Awwww, thank you so much, Deborah! :** I saw those swatching sticks on Ebay and I was so tempted to buy them, but I told myself I don't need them. After seeing your sticks, I'm starting to re-consider it. Hm... *taps fingers* =D

  2. You are welcome! Haha I definitely like them better than wheels :).


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