21 September 2011

The Bloglight - Once Bitten

Goodevening lovelies! How are you? Getting through the week? I know I am, since I received my 2 a england pretties (Tristam and Lady Of The Lake) and a package with 3 OPI pretties.. Russian Navy suede (last one I needed), a back-up bottle of Mad As A Hatter, and Absolutely Alice! Best part is I didn't pay way too much. I love when I stumble upon good deals :).

This weeks The Bloglight features a blog hosted by a girl (I will be calling her a girl depsite the next fact) that is turning 37 soon! The reason I am saying it is because she does not, absolutely NOT look like 36. I hope I'll conserve as pretty ;).

I am talking about Kari from Once Bitten! She is just so awesome, with very pretty nails. They aren't long which I adore, and she takes such clear and pretty pictures! She is a lovely personality and I think everyone should follow her. So, go go nailpolishfanatics, over to Kari :).

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