28 September 2011

The Bloglight - Nails In Nippon

Hi everyone! How are you feeling today? I am pretty happy because I received three bottles of pretty today! China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out, Don't Be A Square and Tickle My Triangle. All thanks to the lovely Bregje who tipped me on a webshop that had a few left!

The blog I wanna put in The Bloglight today was discovered by me only yesterday, but I like it so much I had to share immediately! It is Nails in Nippon hosted by Tera. The reason I immediately loved this blog so much is  she has clear, clean, good swatches!

We all know how hideous it is if there is polish up to your elbows. I know, not everyone has mad skills like The Polished Perfectionist, but everyone should be able to do some clean up and all.

Well, this girl knows how to paint her nails pretty! And that's why I think she deserves more than 112 followers. So off you go, check her out!


  1. I am feeling amazing now thanks to you! Oh my gosh, thank you so much for putting me in the spotlight! This totally makes my day. You have no idea how excited I was when I saw your post and saw my blog! I could hardly believe it, I had to read over it twice! And you got your hands on some Kaleidoscopes, sweet! 

  2. You are very welcome Tera, I am just happy about finding your blog! Hopefully it generated some extra traffic :).


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