05 September 2011

A classic old lady

Hey guys! Today I am showing you a very classic colour: a pretty and very glossy apple red.

This particular one is from the Jet Set collection by L'oreal and it's quite old already. I got this while shopping at Sephore a couple of years ago. After paying, the lady at the counter was fumbling around, looking for samples to give me with my purchase. After poking around a bit she pulled this pretty bottle from under the counter. She looked at a few moments, puzzled, then she shrugged and put it in my bag. I secretly did a little happy dance, I mean, I love perfume or lotion samples, but polish is so much better! And this isn't a sample size either, it's a normal full size bottle.

It is, however, almost empty now (I have to screw on the cap and tip it over to get the remaining polish on the brush), but I have already replaced it with a red from another brand. That wasn't difficult, because it's not a unique colour in the least. But it doesn't have to be, because who doesn't love a pretty classic like this one?


  1. Gorgeous! And it's suits you perfectly!

  2. Haha, I would rather call it pin-up red then ;)
    I have replaced it with number 238 from Kiko (an Italian make-up brand)

  3. Classic ... hooker ... red.  Jk jk.  It's beautiful!  Luckily these are a dime a dozen.  Have you replaced it yet? What did you go with?

  4. Very sexy and pretty!


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