19 September 2011

Pale green comparison

Good evening! This week I am showing you a comparison between a couple of muted greens. From ring finger to pinky these are: Zoya - Gemma (3 coats), Essie - Sew psyched (2 coats), Kiko - 348 Verde mimetico (2 coats), Catrice - Sir! Yes sir! (2 coats).

I expected them all to be closer together colour wise (some are almost identical in the bottles) but they are all pretty different. Gemma and Sew psyched both have shimmer (green-blue in Gemma, silver in Sew psyched) and the other 2 are both crèmes. If they were all crème, this would make for an awesome gradient manicure!

All in all, I love every one of these and wouldn't be able to pick a favourite. What do you guys think? Would you want them all or would you pick one (or more)?


  1. my fav from this picture is that Kiko polish, lovely shade

  2. I love all of them and I love the mani like this, lol. 

  3. I love all four of them, and have Essie and Zoya. :) I can't get enough of green anyway. ;)


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