27 October 2011

Catrice The New York Collection

Hi! How are you doing girls? I am fine, almost weekend so yay!

Today I scored the Catrice The New York Collection, consisting of a greyed out blue polish (or is it a blued out grey? Can't really decide...) and a palette with 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a small kohl liner and a no good applicator.

The polish is a color I loooove but a quality that was kinda hard to work with. It tended to flood my cuticles yet was draggy and patchy with the first layer. Second evened everything out luckily.

This is shown with topcoat as it doesn't dry overly shiny on its own! I haven't swatched or tested the palette yet, if you wanna see swatches just let me know! I wish I could have grabbed the Sydney one too but it was sold out already :(.


  1. the polish is a really nice colour!!!

  2. The nailpolish looks great! Can't wait the swatches of the eye shadows tho, I love how the packaging reminds of Urban Decay palettes!

  3. I am coveting that nail polish. :)

  4. I love that colour on you! It's soo pretty!

  5. I'm loving both the nail polish and the eye shadow palette. Definitely want to find these!


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