16 October 2011

China Glaze Let It Snow

Hi everyone! Today I am showing you the China Glaze Let It Snow collection! I received these samples Tuesday and thought I'd have the swatches up by Thursday.. Unfortunately my swatches turned out bad on screen, so I had to start all over again. I've seen a few swatches around already and I really liked those, even though my opinion on some polishes is different. The quality of this collection is good, most polishes needed just 2 easy coats and none were particularly hard to apply. Most of them put themselves on and dried to a nice shiny finish. So, on to the pictures shall we?

Blue Year's Eve. A bright blue glassflecked polish that needed 3 coats for opacity. It has a gorgeous pink/purple sparkle in there and even flashes some purple duochrome in the right lighting. Normally these blues don't appeal to me but this is a stunner!

Up next is Champagne Bubbles. As amazed I was by Blue Year's Eve, so disappointing was Champagne Bubbles. I needed 3 coats but still didn't have the depth I'd like, the gold is too yellow and those silver glitter specks are just ugly in my opinion.

Glittering Garland is another stunner. This dark green with gold and green glassflecks is perfectly applied in just 2 coats. It does remind me a bit of Emerald Sparkled but it is a totally different finish. Must have for green lovers!

Holly-Day is a supershiny darkgreen creme that had a slightly weird consistency for me at the first coat.. as if it were a waterbase color? With the second coat I could see some minor shrinkage at the tips so I am not sure if my bottle is a dud. Dud or not, the color and finish on this one is amazing. It is an obvious green but not superbright and it'll look great with Twinkle Lights on top!

Icicle. Your regular silver foil. 2 coats needed, applied easily, nothing special. Nice for those who didn't buy a silver foil yet.

Poinsettia. A very very very bright red. The consitency is a weird one. The first coat definitely shows jelly qualities, as it is sheer but even, and extremely shiny already. The second coat takes away VNL, creating a more cremelike finish, yet there is still the squishy jellything going on. Scrangie described another quality, being milky of some kind. I am not sure what to call this but I do know it is GORGEOUS. Definitely more unique red than the others in this collection and therefore I am happy to have this :).

Ring in the Red, the required Christmas glitter red. It is a pretty one, being chunkier than Ruby Pumps and having a gold sparkle in there. You can see the different sizes of glitter in the close-up on your left. The base is a sheer red so you can layer this but also built up on it's own in 3 coats. It's definitely prettier with TC on but for review I prefer no topcoat.

Snow Globe is a re-promote as it has been part of Specialty Collection. I do like it but I do not feel like there are obvious layering combo's with the rest of the collection. Below is shown 2 coats and while you'll never get this opaque without having huge nails it will look pretty over something dark I guess. There are a two different types of glitter in there and the sparkle in a pretty way (check out the ring finger in the picture below!)

Tinsel Town has already been worn as a full manicure and I absolutely LOVE this one! It's a sheer charcoal base with different sizes of silver glitter in there. It is chockful of it so you'll only need two coats. Just 2! Really!

This will probably be the one I'll be wearing 31st of December as it is classy yet rock-chick yet sparkly and I really love the look of this one paired with a sexy little black dress or something.

China Glaze released a fun and totally Christmas appropriate glitter last year, Party Hearty. They did the same this time, now it is called Twinkle Lights. The glitter is all the same size with the gold being dominant on the nail, yet leaving enough room for the red and green to shine too. It is opaque in 3 coats (yes, you'll some spots when looking at it with your finger in your eye) because the sparkle is so overwhelming you can't look at it without being blinded a little. Sparse enough to layer, opaque enough to wear one it own this will definitely be a favorite in December for me!

Velvet Bow is another one of my favorites. It's a vampy burgundy red that applied easily for me in 2 coats. It is shiny and sexy and this specific tint has been my favorite since the Fall collections came in regarding clothing. I own a blazer and top already in this color so I was really happy to see this one matches! Even worn this for a full manicure already :).

Winter Berry is a red (not berry) creme, medium red and fitting right in between Poinsettia and Velvet Bow in this collection. I am pretty sure I already have this color in my stash so I'll be on the lookout for dupes when my other swatch sticks finally come in. The quality was again good and 2 coats were needed for opacity.

So, there you have it, the complete Let It Snow collection. What are your favorites? And did you get any already or are you still in doubt? I'd love to hear feedback from you guys on my swatches too! Swatching such a big collection really has been a challenge for me and I enjoyed it :).

*This collection was sent to me for review. For more information please read my disclosure policy*


  1. Thanks for the swatches!  I love Blue Year's Eve on you! :)

  2. Great Collection, thanks for the swatches!

  3. I don't own a silver foil yet but this one is not as stunning as others. I'm looking for a silver version of my 'Midnight Kiss' I guess. Although I'm not a big fan of glittery polishes, 'Tinsel Town' is definitely an eye-catcher, and love the fact that you only needed 2 coats.

  4. The quality of your swatches are amazing . I'm craving for all of these colors now !
    Xx. S

  5. Fabulous swatches, very well done! And pretty polishes of course ^^

  6. I want the Holly Day, Velvet Bow and maybe the Winter berry-so very pretty!

  7. And just when I thought I only want Glittering Garland... I think I need Tinsel Town as well. Darn! Gorgeous swatches as always! =)

  8. Woah, great swatches! ♥ Love the red ones and Tinsel Town.

  9. You are welcome, and thanks! I love it too ;).

  10. Thank you Veronica!

  11. Why do you feel this isn't as stunning as others? Just curious :). You mean you want smaller foil particles? This is kinda grainy, yes.

    Tinsel Town is absolutely lovely, I think even glitter haters will love that one ;)!

  12. Thanks so much Stéphanie! Your sweet comment really puts a smile in my face :).

  13. Oh yes, they are!

  14. Thanks so much! Tinsel Town is really a polish for you I think :).

  15. Thanks! You're very sweet :).

  16. Aww thanks sweety! Are you getting any of these?


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