02 October 2011

Essence Fame Fatal

Wow, missed two days of blogging! My looong weekend just needed me to celebrate it ;). Went shopping Friday, had a birthday that evening and yesterday we barbecued. It's a miracle, no good weather all summer and then fall comes around and it's hot and sunny out.

Now this is what I'd call a bright red. Shiny, opaque in 2 coats, easy application due to the flat brush, didn't cost that much.. looooove eeeet!

This is Fame Fatal by Essence, also a new one in the Colour & Go line. I acquired quite a few now and I really like all of them. They all are good value for your money!

So, what is your favorite cheap brand?


  1. It's really beautiful <3 I would say that  Essence and Golden Rose are my favorites! (I can't decide which one is the number one)

  2. Mooi!

    I think P2 is my favorite cheap brand :)

  3. Trixie of Nailfiled03 October, 2011 04:38

    I love that shiny finish! I wish Essence would expand in Asia... 

  4. I don't usually like red but that one is gorgeous! 

  5. Gorgeous!
    I'd go for Essence, Kiko and P2 as cheap brands, love them all.

  6. Greeneyespinknails03 October, 2011 17:27

    Nice polish! Essence is also my favorite cheap brand!

  7. Golden Rose, still nothing of it in my stash! What are your recommendations? And thanks for your sweet compliment :).

  8. Dank je!

    Hmm, P2 is a bit harder to get for me :(.

  9. Thanks Amanda.

  10. They would do great in Asia I think!

  11. It is very stunning indeed <3.

  12. Kiko should be added to my stash sometime.

  13. You're welcome :)

    About GR:
    1. Scale Effects (flakies), Holographic Colors, Chameleon Effect
    2. Paris Collection Nr. 98 - dupe for CG Wireless Holographic
    3. Protein Nr. 227 - the glossiest polish I've ever seen

    They also have a website where you can get a great overview! I'm curious which ones you will choose^^


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