31 October 2011

Kiko cornflower

Hello ladies! How are you all? Are you ready for some more pretty Kiko polishes?

This week I am showing you number 339 'Fiordaliso', which is Italian for Cornflower. I think it's a pretty good description of this polish, it's the pale blue colour of the petals of the pretty wildflower. This polish was a dream to apply again, just 2 easy coats, no streaks, no bumps, just creamy goodness.

I hope you aren't getting tired of these Kiko polishes yet. I've got one more for you next week.


  1. Omg your pose with bottle in your hand is amazing! Loving this picture and the color is very pretty, me waant. :)

  2. I'm dying over here. =D We don't get Kiko polishes here and they have some amazing shades. Could you please do a comparison with other cornflower (or similar) blue polishes in your collection? I'd be very happy to see that. =)

  3. I don't have many shades that are like this one (I have a very humble stash :D) But I will see what I can do ;)
    Thanks for your comment, I am a big fan of your blog, so this means a lot to me!

  4. I dug trough my stash a bit, and I haven't got one polish that I could compare this too.  Most of my blues are dark ones. I'm very sorry :(


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