08 October 2011

Stash pics!

Since I didn't have any nails to show you and I reorganized my Helmer the other day I though it'd be nice to show you the contents of it! So I proudly present my stash! All images are clickable but since there are multiple I kept 'm rather small in the post.

The exterior. It is standing nicely on the side of my desk. I decorated it with selfcut stickers that are actually chalkboard. So, if I have some crayon again I can write on the stickers what brand is in there.
First drawer. Stamping polishes, treatments, base- and topcoats, crackles. The lonely China Glaze Fast Forward usually has company from ORLY Bonder, their my daily duo. ORLY Bonder was standing on my desk during picture time, I think it is shy.

Second drawer. OPI in the back, Zoya in the left corner, a england on the right side (2 more on their way!), Deborah Lippmann, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Chanel, Dior.
Third drawer. China Glaze in the back (before the reorganization their was China Glaze and OPI in one drawer, nut it wouldn't fit anymore). CND on the right side, Essie on the left. H&M in front of it (the one with the red sticker is a franken) and Nubar next to it. I taped little namecards on the CND's so I don't have to flip over the bottles everytime I am looking for something.
Fourth drawer. ORLY in the back/left, Models Own in the back/right (stickers from their bottoms were taped to their tops, so it's easier to find the color). Nfu Oh's <3, GOSH and Joe Fresh all on the right. Revlon and Cult Nails on the left. Joe Fresh got handmade namecards, Cult Nails are again bottom stickers on top.

Fifth drawer. Essence and Catrice. In the front/right Essence Colour & Go, in the front/left Catrice. In the back all other Essences with four Show Your Feet polishes grouped apart.

Most Essence and Catrices got handmade namecards since you can't see the color when looking at them standing in the drawer.
Sixth drawer. Everything in the green basket are back-ups. Currently holding 1 Essie Ruby Slippers and 2 for friends, 1 OPI Black Magic Mountain, 1 OPI MAAH, 1 Essence Choose Me! (use it a lot for sparkly sponge tips), 1 GOSH Golden Dragon, 1 GOSH Gasoline and a Fx basecoat (great for holo's).

In front of the green drawer are singles or doubles, I found them clotting the other drawers since I like to group instead of stuff so they found their place here!


  1. I love your ideas about name cards onto of the polish bottles! I totally need to do this with SO many of my bottles.

  2. Super cute stickers! I love them!
    You're extremely tidy, and I have to say that I'm tidy too when it comes to my cosmetic - nail polishes stashes, but the rest of my apartment is a mess! Ops...!

  3. The awesome is just too fun!

  4. I need a helmer, lol. This looks great!

  5. Love it! Jealous of your pink liner, mine are lined black!

  6. It is sooo helpful! Once you've done your current stash it is easy to do every new bottle as it comes in :).

  7. Thanks!
    Yes I am pretty tidy, but I can be this neurotic with lots of stuff haha. Even though sometimes it gets a mess here.. then I have a clean up rush and go running around getting everything neat and tidy again ;).

  8. I like it too, to bad one of them is lined green.. I was out of pink!

  9. Looks great! Nice stash!

  10. I've been thinking about buying a helmer for my polishes but wasn't sure, now that I saw how many bottles you can store I'm definitely buying it! Great idea to label tcaps!


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