24 October 2011

Zoya Reece

Hey ladies! To bad the weekend is over already huh? I hope you guys got to do something fun and are ready for another week!
To keep my spirits up at the start of the week I thought I would go for something bright and fun. This pretty baby here is Zoya Reece. Reece is a bright pink with tons of golden shimmer.

I have to say, I really really really love Zoya. Their polishes always apply like a dream and a lot of them are very unique, like this one. Do you guys like them too? And what are your favourite Zoya polishes?


  1. Very pretty! Right now I'd say Adina is my favorite Zoya, but there are so many I like.

  2. I love Zoya. I only have a few of their polishes but every one I've used has been amazing to work with. <3!

  3. It looks similar to Catrice's Big Spender Wanted. Haven't tried any Zoyas yet.

  4. Actually, Big spender wanted has far less golden shimmer in it so that you can only see it in bright light. The shimmer in the Zoya is even visible in dark rooms.
    If you can choose between these 2, definately go for the Zoya ;)


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