23 November 2011

The Bloglight - Nails and Noms

Hello lovelies! Everything okay? I am having a test at work tomorrow so I am studying my ass off right now.. I am not the person for theoretic stuff :(.

This weeks The Bloglight features a blog I only recently discovered and I do not understand why it took me so long!

This girl has gorgeous nails, I love her blog design and her pictures are so pretty. She also participated in the 31 day challenge which led to some awesome design, including Nyan Cat. Nyan Cat. On nails. ON NAILS <3!

If you are clueless which blog I am talking about here you too are missing an awesome one: it's Rie from Nails and Noms. Please please please go check her out and hit that follow button!


  1. Oh yay! I feel super honored to be featured on your Bloglight post!! ^_^ Thank you so much for finding my little 'ole blog and I'm so happy that you enjoy it.  :D

  2. Thanks for having an awesome blog :D glad you like my post and hopefully it helped you get some new readeres :).


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