14 November 2011

Diamond covered Lubu heels

Hello hello! Doesn't that title make your mouth water or what? :D
Sadly, I don't own a pair of those gorgeous shoes, so I have to make do with pretty polishes. Today I am showing you a special layering polish: Color club - Covered in diamonds. Covered in diamonds is a clear polish, filled with opalescent flakes. However, whereas normal flakies are rounded, these are pointed and sharp looking (they aren't tho).

This polish was part of  the 'Untamed Luxury' collection. This collection also had a black jelly polish with red glitter called 'Red Velvet' which is very similar, if not identical, to 'Lubu Heels' by china glaze. So for this manicure I layered two coats of 'Covered in diamonds' over 'Lubu Heels', and it looks stunning! The red glitter and blue/green flakes combine wonderfully and make this a very deep looking and blinding combination!

Be warned though. 'Covered in diamonds' is a very difficult polish to apply. The flakes tend to clump together on the brush and nail and they need some very heavy topcoat application, because sometimes they don't lay flat on the nail, but dry sticking up.

I hope you guys like this manicure, and see you next week!


  1. great layering, looks amazing!

  2. Gorgeous combination! I keep picking up Lubu Heels and putting it back in favor of a 'new' polish but I think I just need to grab it up next time I'm at Sally's!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Must get both of these!

  4. gorgeous combo!

  5. I have to try this one...it's looks great & I do have both shades.


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