10 November 2011

OPI The Show Must Go On 2.0

Hello! Do you sometimes get curious about how polish will look layered over black? I know I do and so I layered OPI The Show Must Go On over black! I used 1 layer of Wet 'n Wild Black Crème and 2 layers of OPI TSGO and I must say it looks even a bit prettier this way!

The color in TSMGO gets a bit more bold and pronounced over black so I'll be wearing it like this in the future.

What color that doesn't have to be layered does look prettier over black in your experience?


  1. Wow! It's indeed prettier over black. I love the combi!

  2. Jesse's Girl Confetti. You can build it with a couple of coats, but the duochrome totally pops over black. I heard Misa Phazers on Stunning is a stronger duochrome over black too, but I have to yet try out that theory. :) And now I have to layer Show Must Go On too, I see! Stunning!

  3. Just googled for swatches (yours came up quickly!) and the Jesse's Girl does look prettier on black! Thank you for your compliment Ulmiel :).

  4. Well, now I have seen TSMGO over black and it does look gorgeous. Will have to try next time I wear it!


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