03 December 2011

How I take my pictures

I was asked the other day how I take my pictures. Now a lot has changed during my blogging experience and I found out I love having consistent photo's. I keep looking for ways to improve my pics but I think my standards are good and I like to share my tips with you!

1. Create/find a place where you can always have the same lighting.
It doesn't have to be a bad thing if you do not have daylight for your pictures, or just a small place where you can do your thing. Nails aren't big so you don't need loads of space! It does show in your pictures if you use different backgrounds all the time or are consistent in your surroundings. The same lighting will also allow you to find and remember the ideal camera settings.

2. Find out the ideal camera settings.
Ha! Didn't see that one coming, right? When the boyfriend and I moved to our new house, it took me some time to find my new photographing spot. When I found it, I started fiddling with the camera settings. Most ideal situation is when you can create a custom setting so you don't have to change everything all the time. Once you find the good settings based on your lighting, save them or write them down!

3. Create a background.
Now some of us use the bottle as a background. I am not made for that. I just can not wrap my fingers around a bottle properly, let the label peek through my nails and make it look pretty. That's why I have my favorite handpose. It's actually pretty awkward as I have to turn my hand inside letting my elbow point outside, but you don't see that ;)! Because of this pose I use a black piece of paper that came with a package once. It's always there for me and after wiping of some stray cat hairs it's always good looking!

4. Snap some pics!
Now, after I put down my black sheet of paper, adjusted the lamp to the right height and planted my hand on the paper, I start shooting pics. Sometimes I only need 5 or 6 shots (3/4 for the normal pose, 1/2 for close-ups) and sometimes I shoot 50 and they all suck. Some finishes are hard to photograph! I always try and check the pictures quickly immediately after shooting them. Otherwise I'll be wearing the polish for a day already and it won't be pretty enough anymore for pictures!

5. Edit your pictures.
I am not talking huge Photoshop skills here, but some cropping, watermarking and cloning a stray cat hair away isn't bad. Also, if I have a terrible dry patch or torn up cuticle I MIGHT shop it a little bit. I do not want you guys to see wounds or anything! Also watermark them if wanted.

So, this is how I do it! Anything you can relate to, or maybe you have some more tips for me to improve my skills?


  1. Great post thanks!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Really interesting (never figured yours was an elbow outside pose :D), thanks!

  4. What a great post! Thank you for sharing these great tips!

  5. All my pleasure Chloe, glad to be of help!

  6. Haha you learn something everyday right ;). And you are welcome!


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