13 December 2011

Teeez Boudoir Secrets

Hi girls! Today I am showing you some products sent to me by Teeez. Teeez is a Dutch brand that's mostly known by nailbloggers for a few holographic polishes they carry.

This brand offers more, including eye shadow, liners, mascara and more! They put out a new line called Boudoir Secrets and this is what they say about it in Dutch
“Laat je verleiden door de schoonheid van een vrouwelijk en glamorous fenomeen, gedreven door het verlangen je nog mooier te maken. De elegante make-up collectie Boudoir Secrets is versierd met unieke vintage sieraden die elk product tot een echte schat maken, de geheimen van de verleidelijke inhoud verbergend. Omdat onder alle weldaad een rebelse diva schuilhoudt, zoals Marie Antoinette, de Koningin van Frankrijk uit de 18e eeuw, vol met passie voor de goede dingen in het leven.”
All packaging is decorated with jewelry like ornaments. The lip gloss, eyeliner pen and mascara have printed packaging as where the nail polish have a sticker on the cap. I must admit this makes it look a bit more cheap: not all stickers are in line making it look a bit weird.

The products I received are: 2 mascara's, 3 eyeliner pens, 3 lip glosses and 3 nail polishes. Pics and review after the jump!

French Kiss Lip Geleé. Lip gloss with a normal doe foot applicator. They didn't feel awfully sticky on my arms, haven't tested wear since I eat lip gloss I am not a normal test person! Not very pigmented, Red Romance has the most color but it is still just a hint of red.

Eyeliner pen. Your regular eyeliner without twist up sharpener or something fancy like that. They are soft and reasonably pigmented, Rebel being the best pigmented. I am not sure how this color will work for me since it  is kinda orange and I might be a bit to fair to wear a color like this.

Mascara. There are different types of mascara included in the Boudoir Secrets, I was sent the Never Ending... Waterproof in Sexy (black) and the Full & Flirty Volume in Free (camo green with a hint of gold shimmer). I haven't tried them yet since I love my normal mascara so much I do not want to risk ruining a perfect eyelook, but the brushes seem decent and I love the idea of a green mascara. Maybe I can use a bit on the tips of my lashes!

So, from bottom to top let's start with Cool. Cool is an icy blue with fine shimmer that needed 3 coats. 3 coats isn't bad at all for a pastel like this and the shimmer evens it out better. Not really unique but I liked it! Femme Fatale is your typical berry polish. 2 effortless coats and very shiny without topcoat, I love it! Gutsy is a peachy nude with gold shimmer. It applied like butter in 2 easy coats, but I just don't like it on me. It's to peachy, to matchy with my skintone. Bummer!


  1. Ahhhh I love the baby blue polish!!!!♥

  2. We got two of the Teeez holos and my sis got a lipgloss. I tried the pink holo and it was great.

  3. Gorgeous packaging, and the products see to work well too!

  4. Michaela Obwaller14 December, 2011 08:40

    nice products, they all look gorgeous :) have to check their website :)

    xox MiO

  5. Ik heb ook al deze producten ontvangen. Ben echt super tevreden over de oogpotloodjes! 

  6. I do not own any of the holo polishes :( They have multiple versions of the colors and the holo ones are kinda hard to find.

  7. You should :).

  8. Altijd leuk, nieuwe dingen uitproberen!


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