15 February 2012

Comparison with Chanel Péridot and a look-a-like

Good evening lovelies. How have you been? Ready for another comparison?

Catrice has released a few new colors and one of them looks a lot like Chanel Péridot. The polish is named Genius in the Bottle and when I compared the bottles side by side I thought they were pretty close. Wanna see for yourself? Let's check the facts first.

Catrice Genius in the Bottle - Newly released polish, normal availability.
Chanel Péridot - Part of the Illusion d'Ombres de Chanel Fall 2011 collection. This one and Graphite are Limited Edition but I still spot this one in stores.

Catrice Genius in the Bottle - $3,28 at current exchange rate for 10ml. ($0,33 per 1 ml.)
Chanel Péridot - $25 for 13 ml. ($1,92 per 1 ml.)

Catrice Genius in the Bottle - Tapered version of OPI pro-wide brush
Chanel Péridot - Firm round brush, same length and thickness as China Glaze only the stem is shorter.

Chanel is obviously way more pricey, but does only require 2 coats. Catrice needs 3 coats to be even and opaque. Also, not everyone can handle their (new) brush since it's pretty wide and flat with a tapered end.

Now let's see how they look side by side! Left is Catrice, right is Chanel.

As you can see the gold of Catrice Genius in the Bottle is much warmer and leaning towards copper almost. Especially compared to the lighter gold of Chanel Péridot. There is also more metallic in Catrice, creating some minor brushstrokes, while Chanel is more of a foil type of polish. The duochrome flash looks the same., although the golden color of Catrice is stronger and therefore the green flash gets weakened a bit.


  1. It's a great alternative for the people that don't want to pay so much for nail polish. I stick with my Chanel though :)

  2. Great comparison, very helpful! =)

  3. Thanks for the comparison.  They're close enough for me to take the cheaper version, heehee!

  4. I'll stick with it too, also because the warmer gold will not compliment my skintone as much :).

  5. You are welcome, and thanks!

  6. I think the warmer tone will also look better on you!


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