12 February 2012

Comparison with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and two look-a-likes!

Hi there girls! lately I´ve been posting some stuff that deserves some comparisons. I hope you find them helpful in determing to buy a polish - or not! This week there will be 2 more comparison posts.

Let´s start with a comparison of 3 jelly red polishes with fine glitter. This one I did on a nail wheel because well, your nails aren´t see-through either so it compared better this way. OPI Speak for Your-Elf! compared to China Glaze Ruby Pumps compared to Catrice Lovely Sinner. First some facts about these.

OPI Speak for Your-Elf! - This was an Ulta 2011 exclusive and therefore HTF now I think. I don't see any on eBay.
China Glaze Ruby Pumps - Easily available at different e-tailers for around $3.
Catrice Lovely Sinner - This was part of the Welcome to Las Vegas TE and therefore not available anymore

OPI Speak for Your-Elf! - $8,50 for 15 ml. ($0,56 per 1 ml.)
China Glaze Ruby Pumps - $3 for 14 ml. ($0,30 per 1 ml.)
Catrice Lovely Sinner - $3,28 at current exchange rate for 10 ml. ($0,33 per 1 ml.)

OPI Speak for Your-Elf - Standard OPI pro-wide brush
China Glaze Ruby Pumps - Firm, round brush
Catrice Lovely Sinner - Tapered version of OPI pro-wide brush

All of these need 3 coats to look their best. They are not dupes and to really show you why, I broke those comparison down to pictures of all 3 layers. The top of the picture constantly shows you the end result while the nail wheel will show you the progress!

At the first layer, it's already noticable Catrice has a more berry base instead of red. Also, the amount of glitter really differs between all 3, Ruby Pumps being the glitteriest.

At two layers it already starts to look like something. You can still notice the berry hint Catrice has going on, and the amount of glitter that's way more noticeable in the China Glaze then the others.

At 3 coats, they look a like but as you've seen they aren't dupes at all! If you don't have any polish hoarding disorder though, and you aren't a huge red fanatic, you can do with either one of these.

Wait, what did I say? No, Ruby Pumps SHOULD be in any stash. It really should.


  1. Great comparison - Ruby Pumps is a must have for everyone :)

  2. I have ordered ruby pumps today ! I'm ashamed.... 2 years hoarder and I stíll didn't own ruby pumps ieeek *ashamed* 

  3. Thanks for this comparison... I only have Catrice Lovely Sinner, and thought it almost looked the same as ChG Ruby Pumps but I now know it doesn't... 

    Enne... stiekum vind ik Ruby Pumps toch het mooist van deze 3 ;)

  4. Well, I should absolutely get RP, that's for sure XD Thanks for the comparison!

  5. I like the china glaze :)

    you could help me win a contest? just vote on a Foto 1 (Isabel) here on this link http://thexperfectxdrug.blogspot.com/2012/02/votacao-sorteio-dia-dos-namorados-com-o.htmlThank you :)kisses *

  6. Thanks for the comparison!!!  I love them ALL!!!  But especially Ruby Pumps ;0).

  7. You should wash your mouth with green soap for admitting that on the interwebz ;)!

  8. You are welcome!

    Ja, Ruby Pumps <3 *zucht ende zwijmel*...

  9. Haha you are welcome, hope your wallet doesn't hate me now ;)!

  10. It's the best of these 3 for sure <3! You are welcome :).


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