19 February 2012

W7 Metallic Venus

Hi girls! Did you like the Essence polishes I showed you the last 2 days? I am still on the look-out for the flakie topcoat, and the Dior Rockcoat dupe. Unfortunately the Kruidvat I visited yesterday already sold these out.

The polish I am showing you today was gifted to me by a lovely girl named Jessica. I received an e-mail from her, in English, since she wasn't sure if I was Dutch or not and it would be good exercise for her writing in English. She told me she received a duplicate order of some of the W7 Metallic Planets polishes and she wanted me to have the spare polishes, so I could show them to you on my blog or have a giveaway with it. 1 polish I already had so that went into the giveaway basket, but the other 2, Venus and Mars, weren't in my stash yet. Again, thanks Jessica for your lovely e-mail and sending me these goodies for no cost at all, you rock!

W7 Metallic Venus is a gorgeous multichrome, the beauty being so hard to capture on camera. I did my first water photographing attempt which is shown as last, this is an awesome way to see which colors are present in your multichrome!

I needed 3 coats which applied quite nice, but I had to be careful to let everything dry in between or it would turn up patchy. I smudged my index finger a bit and unfortunately my topcoat did not even it out as much as I hoped. It did give a kind of cool effect though ;).

Do you own any of these, and if so, which one is your favorite? I now own 3 of them, Venus, Mars and Neptune. Still have to try Mars so I can't say yet which one I like best :).


  1. Lovely. This is one of my favs from the W7 collection. Didn't know it did that under water! :-)

  2. I got Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury, but I have tried only one so far. I love how these polishes look in the bottle and on the nails too! Metallic Venus looks so incredibly good on you, and seeing your pictures makes me wonder why didn't I get this one too >.<

  3. This is so gorgeous!!  Your pics came out great!  Love the one in the water also.  Such a cool technique.  You know I already added this one to my wish list right? LOL

  4. This is sooo pretty! I'm really loving the planets/galaxy themed collections. Too bad I can only get the Tony Moly ones over here. 

  5. You're welcome. Thank you for showing me the
    first of the W7 Planet Metallics: Neptune. I wanted to have it because of those swatches. And don't regret buying them. They are even more beautiful IRL.  

    For everyone who wants to order these I can
    recommend http://www.cindys-accessories.co.uk 

    They did make the mistake sending these twice, but
    this polish is put to good use. They have fast responding customer service and provide free shipping to Europe if you order
    over £5. Unfortunately not all of the W7 Planet Metallics
    are in stock at the moment. 

  6. It is so awesome to look at :D! I am now constantly cupping water in my hand when showering and sticking one finger in it when wearing multichromes.

  7. Well, then there is only one thing left to do... order it ;)! I'll be showing Mars too sometime and that's gooood too!

  8. Thanks girl!! Yeah I am very happy I learned that trick from Goose's Glitter! I am sorry for your wallet ;).

  9. Aww I am sorry about that! But those are freaking awesome too <3!

  10. Thanks again <3!


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