14 March 2012

The Bloglight - Unhas a Trois

Ahh, another Wednesday, almost weekend ;)! Any plans? I'll be meeting with lots of other nailpolishaholics I met through a Dutch forum (the same place as where the addiction started) on Saturday so that should be fun. It's also St. Patrick's day but that's not a holiday here, I will be wearing green polish though. Nubar Reclaim perhaps?

So, how about another version of The Bloglight? I am featuring a blog that was polite enough to e-mail me and ask me if I was interested to take a look at their page. Now, almost every new blogger makes this mistake (I did once or twice) and it is understandable, but so annoying: link spamming Dropping comments (mostly the quick and dirty ones like "I love this!") followed by: "Please check my blog! It's insertspam.blogspot.com" or something like that.

It is annoying. It isn't good advertising. It will get your comments deleted (I have spam detection so any comment with link won't be posted unless I approve. Practically never).

But, this girl, this blog, asked attention in a good way! And just for that I already want to give them some attention! Also, the nails are pretty and the pictures are clear but common, would you be featured here with cuticle swatches instead of nail swatches ;)?

Let's say hi to Unhas a Trois! This blog is hosted by three girls, Sophia, Karen and Bruna and I really love this blog! So go give them some sweet sweet love :).


  1. Lipstick-fridays15 March, 2012 14:47

    Just been checking out your blog x Im in love with nail polish too !! Think I may have a problem ha ha xx

  2. Omg!! Links are the most annoying!!! I delete also.  I think it's so rude!  I'll check this blog out ASAP.

  3. Thanks :) and it becomes a problem quite quickly haha!

  4. Thanks MariJo! You have a good weekend too.

  5. I can't believe I never saw this! I think it was right when I was in middle of moving form Hawaii to Florida and never got to see this post till now. Thank you so much for featuring my blog on you Bloglight post! and you made me blush telling the story of how I emailed and asked that you check us out! But it seemed like the right thing to do right?
    Loved this! Thanks a million!


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