18 April 2012

The Bloglight - omgnoodles

Hi girls! First, thanks for the links posted last week! I haven't had proper time to read through your motivations and check out the blogs but I most definitely will do so soon!

Now the blog I want to show you today was actually only discovered by me yesterday, but I just love the way she takes her photo's, and the position she holds her hands! I found out about this blog because she was the girl who bought me my Spring Surprise, something you could participate in on a FB page. I absolutely adored the package she sent, already worn 2 polishes out of the 6 (!) I got (Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black, Sinful Colors Athens & Midnight Blue, Wet 'n Wild Teal of Fortune & Red Red, Spoiled Bite Me - awful brush but awesome color) and have the tulip she folded me standing up on my desk. The candy was wel appreciated too ♥. Candy ♥.

Now, the blog I am talking about is omgnoodles. It's a cute blogname, I like it isn't necassarily polish related! She also shows what she eats and boy does that look gooooood! So, please feel free to check her out and follow like I did yesterday!

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