02 May 2012

The Bloglight - Polish Amor

Hi there lovelies! How have you been? The weather is so sucky here lately, we did have a good day this Monday but now all we have is rain, rain, rain :(. Boo!

I have to admit something. I've been wearing SpaRitual Sacred Ground for 2 days... and I am not so amazed with it. It's pretty but I am just not sure I la-la-love it on me!

Now for this edition of The Bloglight. The blog featured today caught my eye because her nails look kinda like mine. They aren't too long and shaped nicely. She often does nailart which I love to look at and her manicures are just darn cute! Please check out Polish Amor and follow if you didn't before!


  1. Great choice with Iris' blog, her nails are great! Plus she's a really cool girl :)

    And in with you about Sacred Ground. I wanted it so badly and then when I swatched it I was somewhat disappointed :/

  2. MariJo Nails03 May, 2012 16:30

    Yayyy!! I love Iris!!!  

    We have rain too btw. Boo indeed!!  

    Sacred Ground is one of my favorites!  I'm sure it looks really nice on you.  Guess I'll see soon ;0)

  3. aweeee Deborah, you are toooo sweet! Thanks :) I enjoy these Bloglight Posts xoxo

  4. Rain sucks big time!

    I am posting it maybe today or somewhere next week so be on the look out ;)!


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