09 May 2012

The Bloglight - Lucy's Stash

Goodevening girls! How are you handling this week? Glad it's "almost " weekend? I am, having dinner with 2 dear friends this Saturday so I'm looking forward to that. The hang over the next day will not be so nice I guess.

Now for this weeks The Bloglight I am introducing you to one of the few blogs out there that I love, that's hosted by someone with long nails. I just adore shorties, long nails always look kinda icky and trashy to me, but there are a few gorgeous girls out there that have gorgeous long nails.

This girl in particular does all kinds of gorgeous manicure, lately featuring scotch tape manicures, gradients in various styles, and even the new and upcoming trend (as I believe) spun sugar nails! Can you guess already who I am talking about? If you don't know this blog yet you are definitely missing something! Give it up for Lucy's Stash!


  1. yay! she does have a great blog and great nails (i know what you mean about some long nails being kinda icky looking, they grow sideways and give me the heebies sometimes)

  2. Thanks for your response, yes exactly what can be ugly about longies!


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