16 May 2012

The Bloglight - Demelza's World

Hi lovelies! Everything alright? I am in Amsterdam right now, I'll be visiting Woodkid tonight in Paradiso - so excited!

Today's The Bloglight is dedicated to one of my Dutch blog friends. She had a blog in the past but took a break. I always hoped she'd come back and she did! This is also one of the few girls I can stand with longies (which she calls shorties.. weirdo ;)) and everything just looks so perfect on her!

Let's give it up for Demelza from Demelza's World! If you don't follow her yet please go do so - it would be your loss if you didn't ♥! She's supersweet and cute and has the best looking cuticles (along with the other alien Dutch blogger.. can you guess? Obviously The Polished Perfectionist).


  1. MariJo Nails22 May, 2012 19:59

    Checked it out.  Her nails are beautiful!

  2. The only more pretty then her nails is her smile.

  3. I know right? She is lovely <3.

  4. Thanks Debs, what a sweet article <3


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