23 May 2012

The Bloglight - Coloros de Carol

Hi girls! How are you? I am kinda overheated.. hot weather kicked in yesterday and now we are waiting for the rain to really start so hopefully it'll cool of.

The Bloglight this week is dedicated to a blog that does lots of nail art, which I totally suck at but love to see on other girls' nails!

She almost always does stamping on her lovely short nails, but also layers with pretties, does gradients,  shows pretty swatches.. everything we need in a good blog right?!

She also has a cute blog design and great header with some of her prettiest manicures. Say hi to Carol from Coloros de Carol!


  1. Carolina is an absolute sweetheart and one of my favorite bloggers!  When she offered to guest post for me when I went on vaca a few months ago, my heart actually skipped a beat.  She's blogging royalty and doesn't even know it!

  2. I love girls like that ♥.


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