30 May 2012

The Bloglight - Makeup Withdrawal

Hi girls! Did you enjoy yesterday's FloamDay? I have to browse through all the links but from what I've seen it looked so good!

Today's The Bloglight is about a girl that does great gradients, sizzling stamps, superb swatches, and has a really high quality blog in pictures and posts.

I really love how she tries new stuff and inspires me to try new things! That's what I look for in a blog myself because I am not so original myself ;). So, if you need some inspiration too, let's say hi to Mimi from Makeup Withdrawal!


  1. MakeupWithdrawal31 May, 2012 01:29

    *waves* Thank you so much for the shout out! That was awfully nice of you! ^_^

  2. You are welcome girl and totally deserve it, love your blog!


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