28 May 2012

Review - KandNail plate

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Hi everyone!

No manicure from me this week, but a stamping plate review!

A while ago I received a KandNail plate from Bornpretty. Bornpretty is a beauty and lifestyle shop, selling a variety of playthings, including nail art.

The KandNail plates are large plates with a variety of single and full nail designs. There were 8 to choose from, and I picked number CK-02. Sadly, my choice was kind of limited. Most of the plates seem to have duplicates of Konad and Bundle monster designs and since I have a lot of those already, there were only a couple of plates that had designs that were new to me (these might be duplicates of other brands too, but I do not know).
The plate I picked had some very nice designs, and as you can see from the picture below, most transfer really well. I prefer this kind of large plate to the small ones with only a few designs. Having a lot of designs together on only a few large plates makes storing and choosing a lot easier than having a zillion smaller plates.


..... there is a reason I am showing you these designs on paper only and not on my nails. As you can see I picked a plate with only full nail designs, but: they do not fit my nails at all! They would not fit me even if I filed my nails as short as possible. The designs are tiny! As you can see from the pictures, the top 3 rows feature mostly rectangular designs. These measure at a measly 1cm wide and 1,4 cm long, but they are curved at the top, which makes them even shorter in the center. The square designs on the bottom rows are 1 cm by 1 cm. Even people with really short nails will probably have a nail bed that is wider than 1cm. (Keep in mind that, since nails are curved, you need a bigger image to fill the entire width of the nail).

I took some pictures comparing the KandNail plate to a Konad plate (shown on the left) and an old Bundle Monster plate, (you know, the ones which were too small for most people too) shown below. As you can see, the images on my (well used) Konad plate are enormous in comparison and even the small Bundle Monster designs are bigger than the largest ones on the KandNail plate

All in all the KandNail plates are kind of a let-down for me. Although the images seem to transfer really well, especially considering the quite intricate and fine designs, their lack of originality and absurdly tiny size makes them useless for me, and probably a lot of other people too.

If you would like to try these plates for yourself or any of the other nail art or beauty supplies from Bornpretty, you can enter the coupon code "KG5X31" for a 5% discount.

I hope this was helpful and see you next week!

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  1. I have one of those KandNail plates too. I double stamp the images so they fit my nails. No problem for me at all! I also don't have that much plates so the images are all pretty new for me. Did you try to double stamp the designs?

  2. I would have to quad-stamp the designs, as they are too short and too narrow. And with these designs being very intricate It will not turn out nicely (I used to double stamp the old Bundle monster plates, it was doable with some of them, but it takes up a lot of extra time, let alone having to stamp 4 times on each nail).
    That being said, having to multiple stamp a full nail design kind of defeats the purpose I think.

  3.  I think I won't be trying this. I have the first set of bundle monsters where the images are tinier and I don't like them so I figure I won't like the kandnail plates either. Thanks for the review though

  4.  I got the DRK-A plate from Ninja Polish, and the full nail designs are a lot bigger. Not big enough to cover my nails if they are really long, but better than the Konad and BM plated I have.

  5.  Yes, I have heard those designs are quite big!

  6. That sucks that the plate images are teeny tiny, they looked nice!

  7. This was a very useful review, thanks. I'll definitely give this a miss, because 1 x 1 cm all nail motives just don't work. :)


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