26 June 2012

Essence Got a Secret

Hi girls! How are you? I am keeping this one short and sweet, got distracted with nailmail tonight and I still need to polish my nails...

Essence Got a Secret is a gorgeous light grey creme polish that covers in 2 easy flowing coats. I might look slightly streaky at first but give it a second and it'll settle. With topcoat it looks even better.

Essence is changing their bottle design and therefore introducing new shades later this year. Unfortunately that also means they are discontinuing other colors.. this one isn't part of the discontinued ones! If you want to know which ones are discontinued in September just hit the read more button after the picture.

Polishes that will be discontinued:
Just in case
Walk of fame
Movie star
Enchanted fairy
Choose me!
Lime up!
Where is the party?
Wake up!
Meet me now!
Mellow yellow
You belong to me
Frozen queen
Fateful desire
Think Pink
Shiny godness
Make it golden
High spirits
Nude it
Princess Prunella
Sure azure
Gleam in blue
Hard to resist
Blue addicted
Viva la green
No doubt
Rich & pretty
luxury secret
Midnight Charm
Galactic black
A lovely secret
Passion for fashion
Falling in love
Kiss me goodbye
I want that!
Glamorous life
Better late than never
Cést la vie!
Walk on air


  1. Even if they are not discontinuing some of them I'd better grab those with the old price!

  2. thanks for your announcement. i live in turkey and i'm going to buy which i want so much

  3. I own it but I have not tried it yet.
    I must say this changing by Essence is frightening me. I really loved old bottles (so simple and easy to store!) and I fell in love with their formula and their brush. I'm afraid that the new brush will be the same as Catrice (awfully large and flat and impossible for me to use) and I hope the formula won't be worse than this. Improvements aren't always to be on the "good" side. And new bottles design isn't that good.......... Fingers crossed for the new C&G!

  4. I've been hunting this one down for ages now! Everytime I go to the store, they're out of it. Ugh! Thank you for the list, I'll have to pick the ones I want to back up on :)

  5. The new bottle will be cheaper when you break it down to 1 ml.. 1,59 / 8 = 0,19875 per ml. 1,29 / 5 = 0,258 per ml. So I'd say: only buy when they are throwing them on sale, or the ones that are going to be discontinued.

  6. Yes it's sad some of the most awesome colors will be discontinued.


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