03 July 2012

Polish Days #SandwichPD - Jelly sandwich with Nfu Oh 51

-edit- Unfortunately I managed to delete ALL my photo's. Have restored most, but my storage is corrupted and so were these pictures. If I ever recreate the look I'll put them back! -edit-

Yay, another version of Polish Days! If you missed Floam Day, let me explain what this is. Polly Polish set up Polish Days, a way to have regular theme days where everyone can join in and do there thing. You can list your link and share other links to when the moment is there. We all publish on the same date and same time. With Floam Day we all used Floam, now it's Jelly Sandwich theme day so I used a jelly and I did some sandwiching! Wondering what the other girls came up with.

My manicure is build up like this: Essence Cool & The Gang, 1 coat - BeYu Brilliant Shiraz, 1 coat - Nfu Oh 51, 1 coat, BeYu Brilliant Shiraz, 1 coat. See? Essence is the jelly, and I sandwiched Nfu Oh 51 between the BeYu. This is soooooo stunning! It looks like it's on fire ♥.

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  1. wow very magical!

  2. OMG love this! Imagine this in a piece of NP jewelry?!

  3. I love jelly sands...I did a lot of them this spring with sheers from OPI's NY City Ballet collection...I need to get back to trying some new ones - good excuse is my total fail pedi this AM trying to do something fun for our 4th of July...sometimes I am in too much of a hurry...I would have been best just to leave it at my Barry M Bright Red and gone plain...I would have got a good week out of it! But nooooo - I had to keep messing with it.

  4. That's really gorgeous!!!

  5. All the pretty colours! <3

  6. It's wonderful ♥
    I think that it's the most beautiful nail sandwich I've never seen :D

  7. This is gorgeous! NfuOh 51 is one of my absolute favorites!

  8. Sabine @ My Polish Stash05 July, 2012 19:27

    Ooooh I love this mani! So sparkly.

  9. What a gorgeous combo!! I love it!

  10. Hannah aka Polly Polish17 July, 2012 18:19

    Your images appear to be broken but I do remember seeing this on the day - beautiful!


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