28 July 2012

Review of 3 China Glaze On Safari polishes

Hi loves! I received 3 polishes from the China Glaze On Safari collection to show you. I must admit I was kinda sad Exotic Encounters wasn't one of them - I love that shade in swatches!

Let's start with the one I do not have a close-up of: Dessert Sun. Dessert Sun is an orange color, that has a bit of a burned caramel look. I didn't fall head over heels in love with this color, but didn't dislike it as much as I though. It applied very easily in 2 coats. I used Catrice Drama Queen and a Bundle Monster plate for the stamp.

 Next up is Adventure Red-y, my favorite form these 3. A nice medium red color, that was opaque for me in 1 coat. My nails didn't have a white part when I wore these so maybe I need 2 now. It applied easily but is very pigmented so be careful with clean-up.

I stamped this one using Essence Be Optimistic! and a Bundle Monster plate.

Jungle Queen, the one that was the hardest to capture on camera. The purple shimmer wouldn't come out and play with me and was even harder to capture in photo's.

I wasn't wowed by this one and it applied kinda patchy. You have to be careful about hitting the same spot twice or you'll end up with bald spots.

*(Some of) this/these product(s) was/were sent to me for review. For more information please read my disclosure policy*


  1. Not really special but they're pretty!

  2. I LOVE Desert Sun - it's like a British Tan car leather interior shade - really pretty. I DO have whites on my finger nails and the red still covers in 1 coat. But I use 2 coats out of both habit and thinking it will last longer with 2 coats. I adore the red. It was the first shade I wanted and bought from this collection. I have a ton of teals so did not buy the teal in this collection but now having kind of weaking at the knees over if I should try and get it. They were out of that shade at the 2 Sally's I have looked at. Man Hunt is another I really like despite I have other good blue creams. I bought the gray Elephant Walk as well because when I looked at my grays, realized I had lighter grays and lots of charcoal grays but not a good med. gray that did not look gray/black in any way, shape/form! It's not the most original of all shades/collections....but most have a really good formula. I love great creams. I am going to get rid of a ton of my Essies that are almost non functional creams formula wise.

  3. Jungle Queen, besides Exotic Encounters, is my favourite in this collection...so disappointed to know its application was patchy :-( I like it anyway..I think it's worth the fight XD

  4. I like the look of Jungle Queen, the others aren't blowing me away to be honest. The first one looks nicer with the stamp though! x

  5. Can't say I've ever seen that....giraffe print before! Its super cute!

    Weird about the bald spots with Jungle Queen! I'm still trying to decide if I need that color since I have Revlon Perplex. Its super pretty!

  6. Hey girl! Glad to see you around the comments again :).

    Now you said so I Googled British tan leather and you are right, it does look like it! Good to hear the red does indeed cover in 1 coat, but I love to do 2 coats too - just to be sure there are no bald spots.

    If you are in doubt just get the teal - you may always send it my way if you regret it ;)! The formula is good on most as I have read in reviews and sometimes it's nice to get a few staple colors right?

  7. I have the same color from Revlon and it applies more easy so I guess this one has got to go unfortunately :( But that will make room for Exotic Encounters right ;)?

  8. If you have Revlon Perplex you don't need this one too. They are the same in my opinion!

    And thanks love for your sweet comment!


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