26 July 2012

Sexy red polish by H&M

Hi girls! Ready for a gorgeous new H&M polish?

This is Look at Me, a gorgeous metallic red polish that almost covers in 1 coat! It applies very easily and even isn't too hard to clean up. I used 2 coats and topcoat here. Also tried to stamp with it on a piece of paper and as you can tell, it transferred easily!

H&M polish is € 3,95 and can be bought online and in selected shops. Check www.hm.com for more info.


  1. Beautiful red metallic, and how nice that is works for stamping too! Do you know how it compares to P2's red metallic (who's name I can't recall)? Wondering if I need both :)

  2. Looks beautiful and I always try to stamp on paper first!! Helps me decide if the polish will transfer the way I want it to! As always the nails look great :)

  3. Unfortunately I have no idea, don't own any P2 polishes :(. But a good red that stamps can never be bad for you right ;)?

  4. Thanks Katy :) yes it was so opaque I thought I'd give it a whirl!


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