04 August 2012

A turquoise and gold tape manicure featuring a england Galahad!

This manicure was inspired by two other manicures, one belonging to Bregje from Oooh, Shinies! and one belonging to Jane from Nailside.

I took some thing of both manicures and came up with this combo. I used a england Galahad as my base, and after it dried I taped of some parts of my nails. Filled in the gaps with H&M Golden Treasure and there you have it, my tape mani!

Hope you like it. Hopefully the last 4 followers needed for the giveaway come in soon because a england Galahad is one of the prizes you can win!


  1. Very simple and pretty! Love the color combination!

  2. CrystalRose Stewart04 August, 2012 22:06

    I absolutely LOVE this!!! great color combination!

  3. This is so pretty, your lines are so straight! Love the colour combination x

  4. Thanks girl, it was very perfect to look at ♥.

  5. Thanks so much for your sweet words!

  6. They turned out great, right? I was pretty proud of myself ;). Thanks ♥.


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