07 August 2012

An Olympic manicure for #PolishOlympics!

So when the new theme for Polish Days was revealed my mind immediately went into thinking mode - how am I going to do an Olympic inspired manicure while having no nailart skills?What could I do or use to even represent some of the Olympic feeling on my nails?

Luckily, the saran wrap technique came to mind, and using 3 foil polishes that represent the medal colors - bronze, silver, gold - I created a sparkly manicure that hopefully will get your Olympic approval!

I started with 2 coats of OPI Take the Stage (representing bronze). After it dried I applied a thin coat of China Glaze Icicle (representing silver), and dabbed it off using saran wrap. After it dried (like within a minute) I put a coat of OPI Rising Star (representing gold) on top of it and again, using the saran wrap, revealed the layers beneath! It looked extremely shiny and sparkly, especially after a layer of topcoat.

It is kinda hard to recognize these 3 colors in the pictures but I love how they melt together even though they are all separate colors.

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  1. Ooooh, pretty! Makes me want to wear those OPI colors I haven't touched for a while.

  2. Stunning! I really need to try this method :D

  3. that's goregous!!

  4. I LOVE it!!!!!

  5. I even never had thought about "mixing" of three medal colors!
    So stunning!!

  6. Gorgeous! It looks like one polish!

  7. Kelly's Nail Blog08 August, 2012 15:32

    I am loving this mani...it certainly is a perfect one for the Olympics! Very nicely done! : )

  8. Thank you Angie, and I love to see what you come up with, using those polishes!

  9. And you did with great success ♥.


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