24 August 2012

Brucci Black Cherry & Wet 'n Wild Hannah Pinktana

When I received a lovely package from Marisa over at Polish Obsession, there were 2 polishes included that looked like they fit perfectly together.

These 2 are Brucci Black Cherry and Wet 'n Wild Hannah Pinktana. I already had the blue version of Hannah Pinktana - Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, and I knew that the pink version would probably great for layering too!

So I started with a base of 2 coats of Brucci Black Cherry. It applied kinda tricky, it's a very runny polish so I had to be careful about not flooding my cuticles. After it dried for a bit I applied 1 coat of Wet 'n Wild Hannah Pinktana. Not satisfied with the result, I applied a second coat. Perfect! Purple with holographic sparkle, what more could a girl need?

Thanks Marisa for sending me these gorgeous polishes!


  1. I need to dig Pinktana out of my stash, it's been way neglected!

  2. mmm holographic glitter. Loveee it! As always looks amazing!

  3. Thanks Katy, you are too sweet ♥.


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