27 August 2012

Every month is Octoberfest Layered

Hey everyone!
Another Berlin souvenir this week. I just couldn't resist the new OPI Germany collection while in Germany now could I?

So, today I am showing you a layering I did with 'Every month is Octoberfest', a gorgeous blue based red/brownish shimmer, which shows hints of purple sometimes because of the blue base.
Sadly, I needed my hands right after I painted my nails and the manicure got bumped and scratched :( So I decided to fix it with a coat of Beyu 209 (sister of Max factor Fantasy fire and Clarins 230) because Every month is Octoberfest looks so very much like it at one coat, just without the green duochrome!

Now I didn't think this polish could get any better (I am a sucker for vampy and red polishes) but maybe I was wrong. What do you guys think?


  1. This is beautiful! What a great idea :)

  2. It's my next investment when I get paid :) Just love

  3. It's really nice. I'd have to see it in person before I'd buy it though. Not the most unique polish.

  4. It is gorgeous, now I need to try layering Fantasy Fire over!

  5. okay..i am going out and getting this polish! its riht up my alley!

  6. Little Miss Nailpolish29 August, 2012 12:16

    Love it!! A good choice!

  7. Thanks everybody! <3


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