26 September 2012

Cuckoo for this colour

Hi everyone!

Another cool new Bundle monster design today! This design is from plate bm321 and transferred perfectly. I wasn't in the mood for plain old all-the-same-fingers, so I spiced it up a little. On my index and ring finger I used China glaze - Awaken stamped with China gaze - Millennium and the others are OPI - Cuckoo for this colour, stamped with China glaze - Adore. I really loooove Cuckoo for this colour..teal <3 *sigh*

I kinda like this way of using 2 basecolours, maybe I'll do it more often :) Hope you guys like it! And see you soon.


  1. Julianna Katalin Dörnyei27 September, 2012 07:48

    Avon Sequined Turquois is quite similar to this OPI, I have just removed it, after 5 days :-)

  2. I had never heard of Avon before, thank you :) I don't think they are really similar tho. The finish is quite different (the Opi is almost metallic where the Avon is a glass fleck), also the Avon is a lot brighter.

  3. Jenni - Gold Speck Nails30 September, 2012 00:23



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