10 September 2012

Nfu-oh 52 and a pendant

Hey everyone!
Nfu-oh flakies...*swoon*, I just can't get enough of them! I honestly think these are some of the most beautiful polishes every created <3 So, today I am showing you nfu-oh 52, on my nails and in some jewelry (pictures after the jump).

52 consists of seagreen flakies in a sheer purple base (you can see the basecolour through the bottle in the 3th picture). This is 2 coats over a medium blue crème. I wore this till it chipped (a good 5 days), which I honestly don't do all that often, I just change polishes too fast!

Sooooo pretty <3
And what better way to keep enjoying this polish than with something permanent?

If I remember correctly this is 4 thin coats of 52 over a medium blue crème. The stone is 2.5cm by 2.5cm in a silver plated setting with a silver chain. The domed shape of the stone makes the edges of the polish look almost black and keeps the center lit up, even at very low light.

I hope you like it, and see you next week!


  1. Gorgeous colour and nails, perfect photos !!

  2. Wow amazing photos, your nails are so pretty and that polish is so stunning. The pendant is beyond gorgeous.

  3. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed my pictures

  4. OMG....flakes, blue, pendant...all in the same post! Nfu-oh goodies really look jawdropping! I do NEED at leat some of them...if only I weren't in Italy :-s
    I should consider starting to make polish jewelry myself too. They're amazing!

  5. You do and you do :D These polishes are really too good not to have. And making the jewelry is really easy, you can get all the supplies on ebay/etsy/crafting stores :)


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