30 September 2012

Nfu Oh 52

Remember I showed you Essence Just Rock It and said it's awesome for layering? Here is the proof it is!

Nfu Oh makes some of the best flakies, and the ones I like most not only have flakies but also shimmer in their colored base. The good thing about the shimmer is that it mostly has the same color shift going on as the flakies have, but also keeps the nail from looking "naked" when you do not have as much flakies on one spot. The depth it creates is just divine ♥.

Nfu Oh 52 is a purple tinted sheer base that doesn't really influence the base color as long as it is in the same color range. The flakies and shimmer in the tinted base are shifting from a bright blue to a true green and everything in between that, including a gorgeous turquoise and teal shade.

Shifting colors are hard to capture as most color shifts show up in more dim lighting, but that doesn't really work for taking pictures. So this is the most I could do for you! This was also shown a while back by Loqi, she also created some gorgeous jewelry with this!

Do you own any Nfu Oh flakies? And which one is your fav'?


  1. So beautiful! Nfu Oh really does make some of the prettiest flakies, I need to get more of them!

  2. *drooooool* really one of my most favorite polishes

  3. You should! They are lovely ♥.

  4. NFU OH 52 is living in my whishlist for ages! Stunning combo <3

  5. I understand you want it, it is stunning!


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