03 September 2012

Review: 2012 Bundle Monster stamping plates

Hey everyone!
Click to enlarge. All images from www.bundlemonster.com

Some of you may have had them for a while already, but mine just came in: New Bundle Monster stamping plates *yay*. And I can honestly say: these are awesome!

As you know, the first Bundle monster set had very small images, far too small to fit most peoples nails. With the second set they fixed that problem and made the image proximately 1.3cm wide and 1.6cm long. These new ones are 1.4cm by 1.7cm, not much difference, but still bigger, I like that!

The second set also had some problems with some of the designs being engraved too shallow so that picking up the image with a stamp would be very difficult. That was fixed as well. All the images I tested transferred perfectly, but from the comments it seems some people still have this problem with some plates.

The designs on this new set are great. They are mostly fullnail with some smaller ones in between and 2 plates with tip designs (I wish they would leave these out, I never use them). This set has a lot of cutesy images, like owls, candy and dolphins. There are also a couple of designs which emulate different nailart techniques! Shown on the left are bm-320 with a watermarble design, bm-301 with a gradient and a foil/saran wrap design and bm-309 with a kind of crackle-like image. Fun aren't they? A great alternative to save you some mess or time!

As with the previous set, these plates come with a paper backing and are covered with foil when you receive them.

Want too see the first manicure I did with these new plates?

This is 2 coats of China Glaze - Exotic encounters (this polish is gorgeous!) stamped with China glaze - Cherish and 2 images from bm-313 because I thought the giraffe spots went well with the polish name.

As you can see the images transferred perfectly. So if you like stamping, this new Bundle monster set is a must have!

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  1. I bought this set as well. I tried exactly the same plate earlier on, but I couldn't pick up the image at all, and it's not the polish problem. Do you happen to encounter problematic plate before?
    Your pick on image and colour combo are just perfect!

  2. I just got the set too, and I LOVE it! The colour combo you used for the stamp works really well, beautiful! :)

  3. I am so glad I bought this set of plates, because the motifs are soooo cool! :)

  4. Have you tried to make your stamp more rough with a file? Sometimes the stamp is too smooth to grab on to the polish. I haven't had any problems with this set. I did have some shallow images in the previous set.

  5. I've tried that, I guessed it's just this particular plate being shallow :(
    Anyway thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Thank you for your comment :) hopefully your other plates work better.

  7. I just bought these recently and I am SO happy I did. I could not get the hang of stamping or get the images to transfer properly until I got these BM plates :]

  8. Oh wow, just love your nails! Must buy the set and try it too!

  9. I'm sure I'm going to buy it. I'm in love with full-nail patterns and all of these are gorgeous!

  10. Hello! :) I do loveee this combination and the names eh eh :p***


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