05 September 2012

The Bloglight - OMG! Polish' Em!

Hey loves! How are you? I am doing fine, just 1 more day left at work, then the wedding of one of my besties on Friday and than it'll be almost time for vacation! Really can't wait anymore, I am SO excited!

Today I am "introducing" you to a blog that I have been following for a while now, and have always liked very much. But, what really made me think of it for putting in The Bloglight, were her swatches of tons of Nails Inc. polishes. It looks as if she has all the colors and it has sparked my interest in this brand. I'll probably try and hunt down 2 of the most gorgeous yet discontinued colors on eBay soon.

So, if you still do not know which blog I am referring to, please go and check out Salla's blog OMG! Polish' Em!


  1. Love her blog!!! So exciting that you have a wedding and then vacation. Hope you have an awesome time!

  2. Thanks for introducing this blog, it's really fabulous! I'm now following her as well :)

  3. I sure will love, lots of polish shopping to do haha!


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