12 September 2012

The Bloglight - A Polish Addict

Hey girls! How are you? I am scheduling this post way ahead so I can't answer for myself right now ;).

Today I am introducing you to another bog I quite recently discovered and that I absolutely love, for 1 specific reason: big pictures. I. LOVE. BIG PICTURES.

I know most blogs have clickable pictures, but I really like it if the pictures posted are already in a good size, so I can see detail imemdiatly instead of having to click on them.

This girl also has great nails and does some very good posts. I like! Please go check out A Polish Addict (not to be confused though with The Polish Addict!)


  1. I agree, I love her blog and love the size of her pictures:) She has beautiful pictures:)

  2. Dear, thank you so much for the kind mention! You're such a sweet gal ^^

  3. Well you and your lovely blog deserve it :)!


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