19 September 2012

The Bloglight - The Polish Addict

Yay, here we are again with another prepped post! When I got into nail polish there weren't as many blogs out there as there are now. I like how much the nail community has grown and how many great blogs have found their way within that community.

The blog I am putting in The Bloglight today isn't one of those new blogs It is one of the first big bloggers, and she also did one of the shades for the RBL Blogger collection that included Scrangie (Scrangie), Orbis Non Sufficit (The Polish Addict) and Mismas (All Lacquered Up).

Unfortunately, in 2009, because of her busy private life the blogster featured today "disappeared". She just didn't have the time left to blog and it looked like the blog was done. But, luckily for us, recently she picked up blogging again! I am very happy about it goes she does great swatches ♥. I am sure you all know who I am referring to, it's The Polish Addict!


  1. I didn't know she was back; I've discovered new blogs with this feature and now I can follow an old one again... thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I hadn't seen her blog before.

  3. That's great to hear! Love sharing the bloglove :).


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