20 September 2012

Vacation Guest Post - Rie from Nails and Noms

I can't believe Rie's nails are on the blog! I have the biggest girl crush on this lady, not only because she has the cutest hair but also because she has an awesome chest piece and a septum piercing. I miss my septum piercing everytime I see her cute face. And now she did this awesome guestpost, including this gorgeousss polish with duochrome shimmer!

Hello everyone!!

Rie here from Nails and Noms today to drop in on this wonderful blog run by the amazing Deborah! She is like my sister from another mister (and another continent!) and I pretty much jumped at the opportunity to help her out with a guest post when she asked me. I read Deborah's blog pretty much every day and I'm always drooling over the beautiful polishes that she and Loqi share with us. :-D

For my guest post, I wanted to play with some of my newest polishes in my collection and my newest set of stamping plates by MASH!

Stamping with Takko Lacquer

Love Varnish... Guest Post Photo 1
I started off with 2 coats of Takko Lacquer's Kiss The Sky, a gorgeous 'blurple' jelly with green/gold duochrome shimmer. Then I used my Mash-38 stamping plate to add both Electric Apple: NYC (a grey jelly/creme with gold shimmer) and Wanderlust (a dusty lilac jelly/creme with teal shimmer) on top of Kiss The Sky.
This here... This is love. ♥♥ 

Love Varnish... Guest Post Photo 3 

I'm absolutely thrilled with the way this turned out! Kiss The Sky is beautiful on its own, but with Electric Apple: NYC and Wanderlust combined... Their powers are unstoppable! :-P

Love Varnish... Guest Post Photo 5 

Just. Look. At. This. Macro.... My heart cannot handle all of this shimmery goodness! :-D

Well that's it for today everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my stamping experiment and I'd like to thank Deborah again for letting me pop in on her blog for a day! ^_^


  1. Oh my, this is gorgeous! I really really need Mash plates!
    Thank you for guestposting!

  2. I agree on all of this - I love Rie's hair, tattoos and nails ;) This manicure is no exception. Love the colors and the pattern she picked.

  3. This is beautiful Rie!!! Absolutely beautiful! ;0)

  4. Jen (nai1 chronic1es)21 September, 2012 01:22

    Great job Rie. This really is beautiful

  5. ^o^ this is breathtaking, Rie! I'm in love with this mani, colours, stamping, shimmer, duochrome.........all in one!!!

  6. Beautiful colors! Love the stamping!

  7. Aww, thank you ladies for all the kind words! *mwuah!* :D

  8. You really do Loqi! You would be able to work some miracles with this stamping set. ;)

  9. D'awww, thank you Sabine!! ^_^

  10. Rie, want to thank you again for this awesome and gorgeous manicure!

  11. You're oh-so-welcome my dear! ^_^


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