22 October 2012

Essence Chic Reloaded

Hi everyone!

*duochrome! duochrome! duochrome!*
So, now we've gotten that out of the way, I would like to show you my new love: Essence - Chic reloaded.

As you know, Essence recently redid their entire polish line, changing up their colours and bottles. I skipped the new display every time, thinking there was nothing new worth getting. I knew there was a purple duochrome in there, but I thought it would be the same as aaaallll the other purple duos in my collection: purple and greenish (you know, like Essence - where is the party, Catrice - Iron maiden and Zoya - Ki).

But last week I went over to the display to help a friend pick out some nailart stuff and I picked this beauty from the display to look at it,....because I can't help myself can I?
Needless to say, I took it home, put it on, and I haven't stopped swooning over it ever since. The colour shift is very strong and my pictures don't do it justice by far, you know what a pita duochromes are to capture on camera. But the teal in it is Amazing! I also really love how the caps of the new bottles match the polish colour.

I hope you guys like it (if maybe not as insanely much as I do, lol) and see  you next week!


  1. Vedrana Brankovic22 October, 2012 21:20

    Oh, I love how you've managed to capture it. I still haven't gotten round to wearing it, but I do so enjoy seeing in in other people's blogs. This beauty deserves that sort of attention.

  2. Stunning!!

  3. Yup...this just went on my wishlist. Good think it's nice and cheap!

  4. Looks great! makes me want to have it!

  5. I love it! What a fantastic colour, I'm glad you picked it up to have a look!

  6. Cristina Impoverished23 October, 2012 06:24

    This is definitely a standout in the new Essence colors, it's so unique and beautiful. I love it, and your pics of it, too!

  7. She does, she's really great! Thank you :)

  8. Haha yes, you can never go wrong with that amount of money.


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