30 October 2012

Perl Fashion review

A while back I was contacted by someone representing Perl Fashion, asking me if I wanted to review their product. Since I never tried nailstickers before I sure was!

After my vacation there was a package waiting for me and it included a box with 20 nailstickers! It took me a while to try them but here I am now with a full review on these.

First let's talk about the packaging. It's a small box in which you can immediately see what design it contains. In this case it's a clear sticker with a pink zebra design, and the clear part has silver dots on it.

The box isn't too big so you can easily take it with you on vacation for example.

You can find the ingredients on the side of the box.

When you open the box there are 2 packages inside, one containing a small orangestick and a little cardboard file (with cute little rhinestones!) and the other is sealed airtight and contains the stickers.

There are also some instructions included that are pretty regular I think: choose, peel, apply, file. Doesn't sound to complicated right?

Now when you open the airtight package that contains the stickers, you'll find 10 strips holding 20 stickers.

I laid them down according to size and immediately noticed something I found a bit strange: there are only 3 sizes of stickers. Small, medium and large it seems. In length they do not differ, it is only the width. I also noticed the smallest size already seemed too big for my pinky nail. 

Here they are laid down on top of eachother, if you look closely you can see the difference in width. The difference between small and medium is huge and doesn't compare to the difference between medium and large. As I said the small ones already seemed to big for pinky nail, so these are not for small nailbeds!

Actually the only one I could get right in size was my thumb nail. I used the medium size and it was a good match.

The design is clear which means you would have to wear a polish beneath it to make it look pretty. For this review I didn't and it also feels weird to have to use a basecolor, because stickers should be for the quick and easy manicures, right? When the base is clear they are more for extra's and accent nails in my opinion.

Application was good, as far as they fitted my nails. They were easy to put down at the cuticles and after some minor stretching and rubbing I could easily file down the tips using the cardboard file. Removal as they instruct you (rubbing it down towards the cuticle) works but does leave you with sticky nails.

My final thoughts? These look fun, but the lack of enough different sizes really made them impossible for me to wear.  You can see that the small size on my ringfinger was way too small, but a size up means it is too wide. I'm not a fan of the clear base but I can see how it works for accent nails and such so that's just up to you if you like it or not.

Perl Fashion Nail Polish Strips are available through their website and different stores in Quebec, Canada and cost $9 a box. They have different designs, both with clear bases and colored ones. International shipping is available.

*(Some of) this/these product(s) was/were sent to me for review. For more information please read our disclosure policy*


  1. they look pretty and would look great as an accent!

  2. I think the design of this is pretty cool. Too bad the fit isn't always good. I've never tried nail stickers myself. Haven't been tempted to yet. Feels like cheating :-)

  3. Thanks :). Yes they would I guess!

  4. Haha yes I see what you mean by cheating but it is also very easy when you aren't very talented at nailart!


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