13 October 2012

Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired and Born Pretty Foil

One of the brands I wanted to check out while in America was Spoiled. We don't have this brand in Europe and since they are cheap I thought it was worth getting some!

I only found 1 display at the single CVS I visited and there wasn't much of interest in it, besides this one. Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired is a gorgeous multichrome shimmer polish! The base is black, and the main color of the shimmer is dark blue. But it flashes teal, green, turquoise and purple too! I just couldn't capture it.

Even without capturing the gorgeous multichrome shimmer this still looks hot. I needed 2 coats, and it applied easier than I thought. The brush wasn't that bad, well it is very thick and wide but luckily no stray hairs or such.

I recently got 2 more items from Born Pretty Store to review and I am showing you one of them right now! It is the foil in gold, orange and green tones.

When I received this item I was very pleased with the amount of foil you get. There are 12 little jars with a screw lid  put together in one little box so they don't get lost all over the place. Inside each little jar there is a nicely sized sheet of foil. You have to be really careful with getting the foil out of the jar. The first part I got out immediately tore apart because I was too harsh on it.

Using an orange wood stick to lift it and pulling on the edges very carefully worked better, though the longer you hold the more porous it seems to get. I just tore it into little pieces that fitted nicely on the tips of my nails, pressed it down (without any glue or something like that beneath!) and it stayed put good enough to put topcoat over it. The topcoat did not affect the color or pattern, and the little wrinkles my fingers made when pressing down the foil remained the same too.

Once it is put down on a spot on your nail it won't budge easily. The close-up you see on the upper left actually is a piece of foil I tried to move on my pinky and it just flaked. Love the flakes though so I am glad I discovered an easy way to create them ;)!

For $ 6,28 this really won't fail you, even if you don't like the foil the jars are really cute! And you can get 5% off with the coupon in my sidebar :).

*(Some of) this/these product(s) was/were sent to me for review. For more information please read our disclosure policy*


  1. I love this color from Spoiled. So pretty for such a great price!

  2. Wow, that is one gorgeous polish! I like how you used the gold foil on your accent nail. So pretty!

  3. Hey! Je hebt ook je nieuwe logo!! Supertof!!

    En die nagellak... wauw... die wil ik ook!!

  4. natalija.yasmina-blog14 October, 2012 08:58

    sooooooooo pretty :o

    • ♥♥♥ •


  5. Gorgeous polish! These kind of shades are always good :D

  6. Ja tof he :D? En thanks ♥.

  7. Thanks, they really are :D!

  8. This polish is really stunning!
    How many pearls we're missing here in Europe.....and so much more I'm missing here in Italy! :-(

  9. Yeah it sucks sometimes :( but you have stuff I don't have here ;)!


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