04 November 2012

Review & Swatches - China Glaze Holiday Joy

Hi everyone! Today I finally have my review & swatches ready for 6 of the China Glaze Holiday Joy polishes! This collection consists of lots of fun glitters, a few gorgeous red polishes and the occasional blue. I have 3 of the fine milled glitters for you, 2 reds and the confetti like glitter.

All swatches were made using Essence Studio Nails 24/7 Nail Base and topped with Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer. I'll only mention the amounts of layers used for the polish itself.

China Glaze Champagne Kisses. I used 3 coats of this fine milled champagne glitter. It applied easily for a glitter, though I recommend waiting a few minutes between coats. It makes it easier for the glitter to "fall in place" that way. You see a little bit of my nail underneath the glitter but it is opaque in real life.

I love the soft color on this one and will definitely wear this one again! The holographic glitter that is thrown in gives a lovely sparkle every now and then.

China Glaze Glistening Snow. For this fine milled glitter I also used 3 coats. Again it applied easily for a glitter but this also needs to dry in between or you'll get some moving glitter.

The combination of silver and holographic glitter is really eyecatching, also the shade of silver is still pretty indoors without much bright light. Sometimes silver can fall flat but this one doesn't!

China Glaze Winter Holly. Out of the 6 polishes I received for review this definitely is my favorite! Another fine milled glitter of which I used 3 coats. It applied in the same way the other 2 glitters did.

The colors in this one are so gorgeous. A lovely dark green, but there also seems to be some gold, holographic glitter and maybe a lighter shade of green too. Lot's of depth in this one!

China Glaze With Love. A classic candy apple red with orange undertones. It applied easy with 2 coats, not patchy or streaky at all. It seems to be a bit of a crelly (jelly/creme hybrid) which explains the flowing application and high gloss shine to it.

I haven't done comparisons for this one yet but maybe I should sometime. I just have so many polishes like this, I am wondering how unique or dupish it truly is!
China Glaze Pizzazz. Can I say this is the weirdest polish name to me ever? I just didn't get this one haha, but I looked up the term pizzazz and it means something like a dazzling style or an attrictive combination of energy and style, and I can see why they called this confetti glitter Pizzazz now!

I layered 1 coat of this over 2 coats of a england Camelot to make it stand out as much as possible. There is different colored small hex glitter in there, but also larger square silver glitter and larger purple hex glitter. It makes it a bit more unique in it's own kind!

Last but not least, China Glaze Cranberry Splash. When I received my samples and saw this beauty, I went totally nuts over it. I just love glowy reds. Then, I went and applied it, and understood why exactly I went nuts over it... it's a look-a-like of a england Perceval! It's not an exact dupe, as Perceval is slightly darker (and my boyfriend could tell the difference even though it might not be as noticeable in my pictures) but I don't see why you should own both.

Cranberry Splash applied as easily as Perceval in 2 coats, it has the same gorgeous shine to it combined with TC, so if you are in doubt to buy one of those 2, just see if you like one brand better than the other or have easier access to it. The bottom pictures has a england Perceval on my middle finger and Cranberry Splash on the other 2 nails.

Overall thoughts: I love the fine milled glitters, they are a bit more sophisticated compared to glitters like Pizzazz. The reds are good for building a collection and if you don't own a confetti glitter yet Pizzazz might be your choice because of the different sized glitter! I am not as wowed though as by last years collection, Tinsel Town for example was such a stunner, it was a hard collection to top for me personally!

What are your thoughts on this years collection?

For us Dutchies China Glaze be found through Nailpolish Fashion. She has this collection available already!

*(Some of) this/these product(s) was/were sent to me for review. For more information please read our disclosure policy*


  1. Love! I have champagne kisses, cranberry splash & red satin. You're making me want glistening snow!!!!!

  2. I am really loving Glistening Snow and Champagne Kisses. Beautiful swatches!

  3. I LOVE CHINA GLAZE MICRO GLITTERS!!! Seriously, I talk about these all the time, and I must have them all!

  4. Wow, those micro glitters are amazing!!! So perfect for the holidays!

  5. These are so gorgeous! I bought all of the glitters and I am in love with them!!

  6. Shelby's Swatches06 November, 2012 04:57

    Gorgeous swatches! Champagne Kisses is ah-mazing!

  7. Thanks Mandy, yes Glistening Snow is a prettyone too :).

  8. Haha they are pretty great to look at :D

  9. Thank you! Yes the soft tone makes it extra special to me <3.

  10. Iv'e got OPI Die another day on my nails right now, and it looks a lot like Perceval and Cranberry splash, might be a dupe too!


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