03 November 2012

a england Guinevere and Elaine gradient

Hi loves! How are you? I am doing okay, suffered from food poisoning last night so I laid in front of the TV all day today. Luckily it seems to get better now, my soup stayed down and I am not as much of a zombie anymore!

The manicure I'd like to show you was something I wore last week. I ordered a england Elaine and Guinevere during the sale this summer and thought they complimented each other so the idea of a gradient was born!

I used a england Guinevere as my base, and it applied easily in 2 coats. I love a england's brush, I can paint my nails so neatly with them. After the base of Guinevere dried enough I sponged Elaine to my tips using the technique from Sammy. I needed 2 sponging rounds for it t have the opaqueness I wanted.

I also realized I had never shown you H&M New Moon, a "gold" flakie topper. On top of darker polishes it really turns gold but softer colors like Guinevere don't make it pop that much. I used one coat.

Hope you like this gradient!


  1. This is so pretty and delicate! I love it!

  2. Love this Deborah!! So sorry you were sick! Hope you're doing better now.

  3. Gorgeous! I fully appreciate the skill that went into this. I tried to do one today and it ended up a complete mess:(.

  4. Like it? It's great!
    Like it more without the hex glitter though ;)

  5. Yes I am fully recovered luckily! I'm happy I got better so soon because I felt like I was never going to recover from it yesterday morning :/. And thanks love for the sweet words!

  6. Aww what went wrong? If you had lots of polish on your cuticles, I did too so that's "just" the terrible clean up part.

  7. Thanks love! After I added the glitter I was kinda bummed too haha.


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